1.3 Vampire Economics

Revised November 16, 2013

Capital Destroying Capitalism or Non-producer and Counter-producer Rewarded Economics is a Vampire Economics system.  This destructive economic system sucks the life-blood out of an individual, family, organization, society,  nation, mankind and environments.  Money, the symbol for production value and production energy, is the life blood of an organization, society and nation.  Vampire Economics leads to recessions, depressions and even to the death of a society and nation.  If the society and nation doesn’t die under Capital Destroying Economics a non-producer and counter-producer rewarded economics system, suffering becomes extreme to the point where Communism and Fascism rise out of the ashes of this failed economic system.

This leads to reigns of terror and suffering until the Producers using Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics recreate prosperity.  Throughout history Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics has always striven to create prosperity.  We would be back in the cave stage of civilization if the Producers hadn’t eventually always prevailed.  These periods of suffering and reigns of terror don’t have to take place.  We need to stay on the razor thin road of Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics and we will prosper over time in very good condition.  We will have optimum money velocity and prosperity on this road of rewarding the producers.

Definition 3 of Capitalism covered in the article titled “Capital Producing Economics,” also aligns with Capital Destroying Economics and non-producer/ counter-producer  Rewarded Economics.  This type of Capitalism like definition 2 leads to much suffering and death.  This is vampire economics.  Anytime money is taken from the Producers (creators of it) and given to the non-producers and counter-producers, in any form, production incentives decline causing production to decline along with a decline in money velocity.  This will lead to the eventual death of a society and nation unless the Producers are correctly rewarded.  If death does not occur, then we see much suffering and starvation leading to counter-producer rewarded systems of Communism and Fascism.  The counter-producers operating these vampire economics systems steal the money value, energy, wealth, capital and power from the Producers in the societies and nations.  These types of societies are ruled by rewarded non-producers and counter-producers who are on the road to destruction and are willing to take all with them.

Maintaining an optimum money velocity is achieved by fully rewarding the Producers of the money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power in the society and nation.  In the past history of Man’s Economics, the Producers have always saved the day in most cases.  Now that we have the Technology of Economics, Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics, written down we can take it and knowingly use it to maintain a high level of production prosperity and money velocity.

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
By RP Obrigewitsch
April 4, 1993
Rev: September 1, 2011

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