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In this article we will look a applying the prosperity creating laws of economics.  They are contained in the technology of Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics.  This is the razor thin path that must be maintained in order for there to be prosperity.   Applying the correct laws in economics will give us a razor thin path to prosperity.  Surprisingly this razor thin path is easier to follow than we think.

In the Money Velocity section of Producer Reward Open Market Economics we have covered Money Velocity and how it increases or decreases prosperity and affluence of the individual, family, organization societies, nations, mankind and environments.  We have applied velocity to money as it appears in the physical universe.  Velocity is the rates at which energy and objects move.  Money acts and behaves like physical universe energy.  It flows as it changes hands among the individuals who use it for exchanging commodities, trades, goods and services on the Open Market.

With the rewarding of Producers the speed of money increases as it changes hands, it is like an energy flowing throughout the society.  This energy flow links all people together on the planet.  This energy is created by Producers and is like a life force for mankind and all life.  It can enhance prosperity for all life on the planet.   As this energy flows, at faster rates, the society gains in prosperity, morale increases, the society has greater self confidence and sanity, the prosperity potential of all individuals in the society increases.  Money is like energy, increasing money velocity is like increasing the energy flow of the society.  This gives the society power; this is the reserve strength of a Nation.  Power in a society, nation and mankind is directly related to rewarding Producers.  Rewarding Producers leads to ever increasing money velocity. This velocity of money flowing gives a Nation power, prosperity and affluence.

The true power in a Nation resides in its production level and the money velocity of that Nation.  A Nation with a high production level and a great money velocity doesn’t need excessive military spending.  The production level and money velocity is the reserve strength of a Nation.  The production level is the strength of the Nation.  It can be converted rapidly into defensive needs.  A Nation with high production levels and a great money velocity is very unlikely to ever need to use the counter-productive activities of war and excessive military spending.

In this article we will be discussing the importance of following a razor thin path to achieve prosperity.  It is found that abundant prosperity occurs when life forms live by prosperity creating rules.  They are following a “razor thin path.”  In this article we are looking at the field of economics.  There are other fields where there are “razor thin paths” such as Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Genetics, Dentistry, Medical Doctoring, Animal Science, Biology, Zoology, Botany, The Constitution of the United States, most religions, etc.  People in successful marriages live within agreed upon rules of play, they are on the razor thin path and they are happy.

People in organizations, societies and nations prosper well; when they live within agreed upon rules of play for the organization, society and nation.  Producers in the true form of a Producer are on the razor thin path.  They are on the razor thin path when they are producing products and receiving money for their production.  They are on the razor thin path when they market their products on the Open Market.  They are on the razor thin path when they demand and maintain a Constant Money Supply.  The rules or Axioms of Economics, knowingly or unknowingly being followed, are the “razor thin path.”

Non-producers and counter-producers are non-producers and counter-producers because they don’t follow the prosperity rules in economics and in life in general.  They have a very high dislike for rules.  They are on the path to destruction and trying to take all life and even the physical universe with them.  They have one rule and that is to create as much chaos as possible.  They believe there is such a state as “no government.”  A condition of no government is a state where no rules of existence or prosperity are defined.  If there are defined rules of prosperity the non-producers and counter-producers would not follow that path.

Non-producers and count-producers are a very unhappy lot.  They tend to lessen the prosperity levels of those individuals around them with their destructive efforts.  Producers are happy, considerate individuals who have the thrust to bring all individuals around them to higher levels of prosperity as they produce wealth.

Producers in the realm of mankind and all life seek exact rules to follow.  They have inherent in their basic nature the desire to follow the exact rules that give them and all life the greatest level of prosperity and survival.  Non-producers and counter-producers have the desire to violate rules and exact methods used to create prosperity.  They are there to destroy either by receiving money for no production or by receiving money for creating destructive commodities, trade, goods and services.

The Producer does follow the razor thin path of creating prosperity in all fields.  He/she does the best they can in making sure they are on the razor thin path because this path leads to continued increasing prosperity and affluence.

I want to validate this characteristic present in the Producer.  The Producers are constantly being invalided, by the non-producer and counter-producer.  They are invalidated for their ability to follow the “razor thin path.”  They are attacked with phrases such as, “you worry too much, you are no fun, let your hair down, you are a stick in the mud, rules are made to be broken, you work too hard, you need to retire early, have some fun in life, have some drugs, go out on your spouse because no one will know, use other peoples money, if it feels good do it, etc.”

Prosperity for an individual, family, organization, society, nation, mankind and environments is achieved by following the razor thin path.  This razor thin path is laid out by the Axioms of Economics and the technology of Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics, a Capital Producing Economic system.

Money velocity increases are achieved by following the razor thin path laid out by the Axioms of Producers Rewarded Open Market Economics.

Rewarding production increases money velocity and brings about higher and higher levels of affluence and prosperity. Rewarding non-production and counter-production decreases money velocity and brings about lower and lower levels of affluence and prosperity.

The accurate rewarding of Producers plays a vital role in increasing money velocity and prosperity in a society.

It is not simply a matter of paying producers for their production but making sure they are not under paid or over paid.  The over payment or the under payment for production brings about a decrease in a society’s standard of living.  There is really only one path which leads to economic prosperity and it is the straight “razor thin path” of Producer Rewarded Open Marker Economics Axioms.  This is demonstrated in studying the History of Economics.  It is also demonstrated in studying the History of several countries and societies of the world.

The conclusion after these studies is: “Prosperity has always been achieved by rewarding the Producers and the Producers have always created the prosperity.”  You can cast this statement in stone.

The analytical layout of the Axioms of Economics discussed in the Money Velocity section of Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics should, if applied, bring prosperity to all who play this game of economics.

The ups and downs in economics will never be entirely removed.  With the application of the Axioms there will be a much smoother economic flow.  The ups and downs will be greatly reduced to small ebbs and flows.  Money value, energy and power will see much smaller ups and downs.  Applying the Axioms will greatly stabilize the economic systems on the planet.   Application of the laws put forth here will rid the societies of the wild fluctuations from prosperity down into depressions and up again that we have seen throughout the ages.

Rewarding production brings about prosperity.  In the past, after prosperity was achieved in a society, the Producers got reasonable with the non-producers and counter-producers.  They felt pity and sorry for them.  They granted them power to exist not as Producers, but as non-producers and counter-producers.  Granting non-producers and counter-producers the right to exist as non-producers and counter-producers is “the big mistake.”

Once the counter-producer and non-producer takes charge of the economic system, the economic systems fall into an economic depression is very rapid.  This has been seen throughout history and more importantly in recent times.  When an economy starts to fall into a steep recession or an Economic depression the non-producers and counter-producers have taken charge of a large part of the economy and put it in a fee fall.  The Producers are again stuck with removing the non-producers and counter-producers from power.  After the counter-producers are removed from power, the Producers can once again start recreating prosperity.  The process of removing the non-producers and counter-producers from power can be a long arduous, dangerous and destructive undertaking.  When the task is complete the Producers can once again put the society back on the razor thin path to economic prosperity and affluence.

Best of luck in the application of the principles laid out here.  May prosperity and affluence be with you and your families, organizations, societies, nations, mankind and environments.

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
May 7, 2012
By: R P Obrigewitsch

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Monday, May 7th, 2012 Money Velocity and Prosperity

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