II. Versions of Freedom

This is an article on the different types of Freedom defined in different types of political systems.

In the Democratic system we find Freedom defined as, “equal rights for all citizens.”

In the Fascist or Right Wing systems we find Freedom defined as, “he who is in power has all the freedom to do whatever he desires or wants to do.”   Freedom is arbitrarily applied by the person or persons in power.  They determine from day to day and hour to hour what freedoms their subjects have or do not have.  There is no guarantee what freedom is and when it is.  They control the media with monopolistic ownership.  They allow only their viewpoints and assault and discourage any different or opposing views.  They assault the opposing views with antagonism, anger, hate, fear, and hostility.  In some cases they use pain and imprisonment in their assault on opposing views.

In a Communist system we find the same basic definition of freedom as in the Fascist/Right Wing systems.   However, here it is covertly applied.  The Communist says, they are using the Democratic definition of freedom but when in power they use the Fascist/Right Wing definition.

The Democratic style of Freedom is built on reasoning and analytical computation where all citizens work together in a reasoning and analytical manner.  All citizens are willing to use reason and encourage fellow citizens to speak freely where everyone has an equal use of speech on a reasoning level.  The citizens use facts along with reasoning.   Heavy emotion is not placed in the equation.  There are times when heavy emotion is present but in a Democratic style of Freedom it is set aside and decisions are made based on facts and logical analytical reasoning.  The media is not controlled by monopolistic ownership.  The media is based on Open Market Economic supply and demand.  The media does not compete on a stimulus-response heavy emotion level by passing on gossip, lies, deception and enturbulative information.  It produces on an analytical-informative and entertaining level.

In the Fascist/Right Wing systems freedom is on the reactive stimulus response level.  Here the leaders use heavy emotion such as fear, hate, anger, pain, antagonism and hostility to enforce their reality on the citizens. The citizens’ fall in line because of the heavy emotion enforced speech. This heavy emotion enforced speech is what is commonly called brain washing.  The Communist and Fascist/Right Wing rule with heavy emotion backed by fear, hate, anger, antagonism, pain, and hostility.

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RP Obrigewitsch
May 12, 2011

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