6.0 Prosperity, Economics & Freedom

Revised November 8, 2013

This is the fifth set of Axioms in the Axioms of Economics.  There are two sections of Axioms included in this set titled Prosperity, Economics & Freedom.  The first section includes the Axioms covering Production and Prosperity.  The second section includes the Axioms covering Economics and Freedom.

Freedom in Economics is the basic right of all individuals to produce.  It includes the right to own all they have produced.  This would be in commodities, trades, goods and services they have produced and in money they have produced along with any value, energy, wealth, power and capital. 

Freedom in Economics is the right of the Producers to work and labor free from the destructive interferences of the non-producers and counter-producers. 

Production and Prosperity:

 108.     Production is the basic thrust of all life toward the goal of prosperity.

 109.     The thrust to prosper always, knowingly or unknowingly, involves applying economic principles; this applies to all life forms.

 110.     Low production brings about low prosperity in an individual, family, society, mankind, in all life forms and the environment.

 111.     Production is not only basic to the nature of mankind but production is basic to the nature of sane groups and sane individuals.

 112.     If you don’t produce you don’t prosper.  If you are prospering and you are not producing, you are living off the backs of Producers and you are lessening the prosperity of the Producers.

 113.     Standards of living are directly related to increases or decreases in production rates and production efficiency.

 114.     The basic thrust and purpose of all life is to produce, in order to achieve the goal of prosperity and expansion.

 115.     Prosperity has always been achieved by rewarding the Producers and the Producers have always created the Prosperity.

Economics and Freedom:

 116.     Freedom in general is directly related to economic freedom.

 117.     Economic freedom is the basic freedom.  Without economic freedom no other freedoms can exist.

 118.     As economic freedom increases, freedom in general increases.

 119.     As economic freedom decreases, freedom in general decreases.

 120.     Economic freedom is achieved by applying the Axioms of Economics. 

 Economic freedom is achieved by following the razor thin road laid down by applying the Axioms of economics.  Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics follows the razor thin road laid down with the application of the Axioms of Economics. 

 121.     With the absence of economic freedom an individual has “no freedom” in the physical universe.

 122.     A Democracy, in order to prosper, must have guaranteed production rights for every individual in the society and country.

 123.     Morale is directly related to the amount of economic freedom in the society.  

 Morale is confidence, enthusiasm and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.

 124.     Increased economic freedom increases morale and decreased economic freedom decreases morale.

 125.     Production is the most basic and the most important right in an individual’s thrust for freedom.

 126.     The rate of technological advancement is directly related to the level of economic freedom and the level of production being rewarded.

 127.     The Producers in a society are its life blood.

 128.     Producers create all the prosperity one sees in a society.

 129.     Producers create all the prosperity one sees in an individual, family, company, society; nation, mankind and the environment.

 130.     Every individual has the basic right to produce.

 131.     No one has the right to ever prevent another individual from producing, no matter how noble the reason may be.

 132.     Not only must every individual have the right to produce but the Producers must be rewarded in full for their production.

 133.     When a Producer is not rewarded with the money he created through production, this situation gives him the apparency of not having produced when he has in fact produced.

 134.     An individual’s level of production falls off when he is not rewarded with the money he created through production.

 135.     Producers have all prosperity rights associated with a Democracy.

 136.     Non-producers and counter-producers have no rights at all except the rights connected with the act of production. 

 Once they have achieved the class of a Producer, they have all of the prosperity rights associated with a Democracy.

 137.     Non-production or counter-production must not be held against a non-producer or a counter-producer by any sort of artificial punishment.  Non-production and counter-production are heavy enough penalties, in themselves, when not rewarded.

 138.     Death is the final penalty for non-production and/or counter-production. 

 This would be a non-producer/counter-producer self inflicted death.  Non-production brings about a condition of no energy flow, this leads toward death.  Counter-production brings about a condition of a negative energy flow, this leads rapidly toward death.

139.     Production level is directly related to the amount of economic freedom in a Society.

 140.     When an economy starts to fall into a steep recession or an Economic depression the non-producers/counter-producers have taken charge of a large part of the economy and put it into a free fall. 

 The Producers with their motivation and determination hold the razor thin line of Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics.  They remove the non-producer and counter-producers from power and recreate a prosperous economic system.



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