11. Producers Create Markets

Revised November 21, 2013

The fact that Producers create Markets is a self evident truth.  Without production, there are no Markets.

At this time, this is the last article in this Open Market series.  This may be the first time this data, in the field of Economics, has been written down for everyone to use.  This data has been present all around us for thousands of years.  There are times when it has been used knowingly or unknowingly.  During the times when there is prosperity for the majority of people, Producer Rewarded Open Market Technology is being used.  During times when there are recessions and depressions, non-producer and counter-producer rewarded economic systems are in use.

Producers must realize who they are because they are putting the society here.  They are putting the prosperity into the society.  They must stand up and be proud for who they are.  Sure, the non-producers and counter-producers don’t want to give up their positions in Markets.  They howl and attack on a daily basis.  Don’t listen to them for they are howling because they are committing destructive activities.  They want to continue to take money without an exchange for it.  Take notice of this howling activity and realize this howling is an indication of a non-producer or a counter-producer.  It is also an indication of someone who is harming the society and everyone in it.  Their intention is to intimidate and distract the Producers so as to cover up their out-exchange activities.

We must not be distracted or intimidated by howling non-producers and counter-producers.  We must stand shoulder to shoulder and demand we receive all the money we produce in our production activities.  This may sound tough at first.  When we get to know this technology we will gain the confidence to take charge of the society and economic system.  We the Producers create the society and economic system everyday with our labor and work.

Open Market Economics includes the Producers as its only members.  The Producers are the constructors and builders of Markets.  Open Market Economics excludes non-producers and counter-producers.  They are the destroyers of Markets.  This is the principle difference between Open Market Economics and Free Market Economics.  The Free Market includes non-producers and counter-producers, the destroyers of Markets.  Yes!  We have seen the outcome of the Free Market system down through the ages.  Including non-producers and counter-producers in Market Systems destroys Producers, families, organizations, societies, nations, mankind and environments.

As stated earlier:  Producers create Markets and build societies.   Non-producers and counter-producers destroy Markets and collapse societies.  Non-producers and counter-producers are outside of  Markets and the societies.  They don’t follow the rules or laws of Marketing.  They are not part of that in which they don’t participate.  A person; “isn’t in the Marketing group unless they follow the rules of Marketing.”  When not following the rules of Marketing, individuals can be destructive to themselves, families, organizations,  societies, nations, mankind and environments.

Prosperity for any individual, life form, society, nation and mankind is achieved by following prosperity creating rules.   Prosperity is not achieved when prosperity creating rules aren’t followed.

All life forms alive and prospering are following well defined precise rules and laws.  They are following these precise rules and laws of their own determinism.  These rules and laws are not being enforced upon them by any external forces other than their desire to prosper.

There are some non-producers and counter-producers who are non-producers and counter-producers because of having learned the non-productive and counter-productive way of life.  They can be educated into being Producers.  It is the true non-producers and counter-producers who continue to insist on deriving money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power through non-productive and counter-productive activities.

Producers are a very determined powerful group.  They have been able to overcome all manner of counter effort thrown in their path by non-producers and counter-producers.  When we can overcome the non-producers and counter-producers by converting them into Producers we will eliminate the vast majority of non-production and counter-production.  We will have accomplished a major feat in achieving explosive prosperity.

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
By RP Obrigewitsch
January 18, 2012


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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 Open Market Economics

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