Producer Rewarded Economics

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics:
The Science of Economics

Introductory Overview:

Economics as practiced today is an unpredictable guessing system. I am proposing a system of Economics that is a Science of Economics, titled Producer Economics. Producer Economics is the tabulation of laws (Axioms) that make up and govern the field of Economics. These are the natural laws that exist in the physical universe. They are like the laws that govern the Science of Physics. This is a predictable Economic System where prosperity can be engineered.

In the past, due to his lack of knowledge in the field of Economics, man practiced economics by rewarding non-producers. Rewarding non-producers was deadly. Time after time for thousands of years the Producers would create a prosperous economic system only to see rewarded non-producers collapse it into recessions and depressions. Man had, until now, very little knowledge of the rules of the game of Economics. It has been discovered that when the laws (Axioms) of Producer Economics were stumbled upon and applied, usually unknowingly, explosive prosperity resulted.

Man for the first time in history can be in total control of his economic destiny. Producer Economics will enable man to sail his economic ship into prosperity with predictability and confidence.

I have been working on this subject for most of my life. I have discovered the field of Economics to be governed by self-evident truths (Axioms.) These were discovered when I realized how money is created. Once this discovery was made the discovery of the remaining laws (Axioms) fell into place.

I grew up on a farm, worked in aviation electrical and electronics maintenance and studied at the University of California at Davis where I received a Bachelors of Science degree in 1974. I supported myself and this research working as an Operations Supervisor on an Entertainment Facility.

I continue to work on Producer Economics up to present time. The Axioms of Producer Economics and eight chapters are completed. There are numerous notes and articles that I have written and jotted down. I will be working on them to where they can be studied and applied by the public.

Producer Economics should bring the field of Economics out of the Barbaric Age into the Civilized Age where producers and the society can flourish and prosper in affluence without the non-producers taking the wealth produced by the producers and causing recessions, depressions and wars.

I look forward to placing articles on this web site. Good luck in the adventure of producing your survival and getting rewarded with the money you create in your production of goods and services marketed on The Open Market (open to all on equal terms.)

By Raymond P. Obrigewitsch
Written: March 2, 2011