1.7 Non-productive & Counter-productive Activities

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There are non-productive activities and counter-productive activities that are classified as criminal products.  There are non-productive activities and counter-productive activities that are not classified as criminal products.  One may ask, “How can non-productive activities be a criminal activity?”  Criminal non-productive activities occur when an individual knows a counter-productive criminal activity is taking place and does nothing about correcting it. 

A counter-productive criminal activity occurs when a counter-producer carries out an activity that is defined as criminal by the Legal System in the Society or Country.  These activities are usually harmful to the individual, family, organization, society, nation, mankind and environments.  These counter-producer criminal activities usually remove money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power from the Market without the correct exchange for it.

Counter-productive criminal activities also include activities that exchange destructive items or services on the market for money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power.  Destructive items or services exchanged on the Markets, cause destruction to the individuals, families, organizations, societies, nations and environments.  Counter-productive activities steal money and cause destruction to the organizations, societies, nations and environments.  They deliver destruction in two ways.  One, they steal energy from the Markets.  Two, their creations are destructive to individuals, families, organizations,  societies, nations and environments.

The non-criminal non-productive and counter-productive activities are activities that harm the prosperity for the greatest number of people and harm the prosperity of the environment.  Such activities are; receiving money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power for shuffling paper on Wall Street; selling things called Derivatives; banks expanding the money supply, and in the process of expanding the money supply, stealing money value, energy, wealth, capital and power out of your pocket as you sit there reading this article.  The non-criminal non-productive and counter-productive activities steal money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power.  They do this while causing destruction to the individuals, families, organizations, societies, nations, Mankind and environments.

Some other non-criminal non-productive and counter-productive activities or creations are; over use of prescription drugs, tobacco products, excess alcohol consumption, Corporate welfare, Agricultural welfare, excess Military spending, Government insuring dangerous industries such as the Nuclear and Banking Industries; people working and receiving more money than their production is worth; people working and accepting less money than they created in production. 

Producers accepting less money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power than they produce, gives their remaining money units to non-producers and counter-producers.  The non-producers and counter-producers didn’t produce it.  Receiving money with no production or while exchanging destructive activities for it, fulfills the purpose of the non-producer and counter-producer.  Their purp0se is to receive money with no-exchange for it or for a destructive exchange for it.

This is rewarding non-production and counter-production.  It is very important for the Producers of money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power to take full responsibility for its existence.  This money has value, energy, wealth, and power.  Non-producers and counter-producers are skilled at using this value, energy, wealth, capital and power.  They use it to create more situations where they can use the out-exchange money to take more money, from the producers, without a commodity, trade, good or service exchanged for it. 

Some more non-production activities include; able people on welfare, a large part of the military industrial complex.  The military should only have as its product what is necessary for National Defense not National Offense.  This would cut about ½ to 2/3rds off the military budget in the US. 

Most Government subsidization is a non-productive and counter-productive activity.  Product placement by having actors smoking in movies is a counter-productive activity.  In the past, the placing of tobacco products in Soldiers food rations was a counter-productive activity. This was done to encourage people to smoke.  Tobacco products are classified as non-products.  They have been shown to shorten people’s lives. 

An example of Government subsidization that is counter-productive.  In the late 1980’s the U.S. Government Legislated an Agricultural Program called The Set Aside Program.  The Program paid farmers to take their land out of production and receive money for not producing.  A side note: Farmers in general have been a strong force against welfare programs for the poor.  With this Set Aside Program they placed themselves on Welfare. 

Over the years as this Program went into effect and was carried out, the Agricultural communities all across the Central Plains suffered a gradual economic decline or a gradual recession.  This was caused by rewarding non-productive farmers.

The reason this Program had such a negative impact across such a large region is because producing farmers involve many, many other Producers.  When farmers create their production they purchase seed, fertilizer, fuel, machinery, pesticides, herbicides, commodity storage facilities, transportation services, etc.  From this list one can see how many, many other Producers were put out of production.  All the suppliers of materials and services for the farmers were shut down to an extent.  All the suppliers of storage facilities and transportation were shut down to an extent.  Many, many small towns showed the negative economic impact.  All across that region the towns, where the suppliers resided went on a decline in prosperity.  This program was a destructive force for many Producers who worked in co-ordination with the farmers.

This program did further economic damage to the whole Nation.  As a result of many farmers not producing food, food prices rose.  Now the whole nation has been penalized for rewarding non-production in Agriculture.  This program which rewards non-production turned into a counter-production activity.  This program was destructive to many communities and caused more expensive food.   The people of the Nation were not only paying more for food, they were paying the farmers not to produce food. 

The reason the Set Aside Program was established was because commodity prices farmers were receiving were low.  They were determined to be low because farmers weren’t able to remain solvent.  Farmers weren’t able to remain solvent because they bid up the prices of land and other input supplies needed for farming.  They do this when they have prosperous and affluent times.  The wrong thing to do is bail them out of their own created hardship.  When the Government establishes programs that raise commodity prices so the farmer can remain solvent, the farmer turns around and bids all his input parts of farming even higher.  This is a vicious circle.  The Government assists the farmer at the expense of the Nation.  The farmers use the assistance to recreate the same problem again. 

Farmers should not be rewarded for mismanagement.  They are being rewarded for mismanagement at the expense of all other Producers in the Society and Nation. 

Farmers need to set money aside when they have prosperous years.  When they have low income years they should be able to handle their own hard times.  They need to pay off their debt during good times, not increase them by biding up the price of land and other input items.

This example illustrates how wide spread the damage from rewarding non-productive and counter-productive activities can be.  In this case it had a negative economic impact across the whole nation.  It caused higher food prices.  It caused a gradual major decline in prosperity across the central plains of the U.S. 

I am writing this from actual experience.  I traveled across at least 12 of these states many times over the past 44 years.  I have traveled through the Central Plains States 21 times over the past 44 years, from 1969 through 2013. 

A couple of other non-productive and counter-productive activities are hunting species to extinction or near extinction and using mercury to make hats which gives us the term “Mad Hatters.”   Mercury is a very toxic substance.  It caused illness among the Producers of hats.

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By RP Obrigewitsch
July 18, 2011


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