1.0 Money Velocity and Prosperity

Revised November 15, 2013


The Money Velocity and Prosperity article addresses how rapidly money changes hands in a society and how rapidly it passes through the hands of all mankind.

On this planet we are in a closed economic system.  The energy of economics flows through all people on the planet.  For some people it is almost non-existent and for others there is a very high volume of money energy flowing through them. The problem we face here on this planet is when too few people have gained far more money than they have created.  As a result, we find many, many people who are shorted the money they have created and this causes discord and suffering among the people on planet earth.  This discord leads to recessions, depressions, starvation, diseases, joblessness, lack or slowing of technological advances, crime, lack of self-respect and ultimately the insanity of war which destroys and wastes away individuals, families, organizations, societies, nations, mankind and environments.

Some people don’t like to deal with money.  Some believe money is evil.  Some people work creating destructive activities to take (steal) money with no exchange for it.  Some create money and don’t take full responsibility for it. Taking full responsibility for money is making sure no one takes any money you have created without your consent.

Taxation by a nation should be for the purpose of increasing money velocity and prosperity.  The tax money should be invested in programs that increase money velocity.  This would increase prosperity as well.  Taxation should be an agreed upon amount of money each person would exchange for government commodities, trades, goods and services.  This exchange for government commodities, trades, goods and  services is for the prosperity of the individual, family, organization, society and nation.

In an operating society and nation there should be a percentage of money set aside in taxes to exchange for operating a government.  A certain percentage of each person’s produced money would be exchanged for government commodities, trades, services and goods.  In a Producer Rewarded Open Market Economic System government would be minimized to keeping ethics in on the Producer Rewarded Open Market Economic System and to producing the products that are naturally monopoly products.  For more information on Government Production go to the article “Government Products and Services,” on http://youcreatemoney.com

The subtitles in this article are:

  • Introduction
  • The Money Velocity Cycle
  • Capital Producing Economics
  • Vampire Economics
  • The Goal of a Society
  • Open Market Economics
  •  Production Efficiency
  • Explosive Prosperity
  • Why Money Velocity Slows
  • Capital Consuming Economics
  • Producer or Non-producer?
  • Open Market
  • Pure Pro-survival Economics
  • A Greed Economic System
  • A Razor Thin Path
  • Prosperity for all.
Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
By: RP Obrigewitsch
April 4, 1993
Rev: August 22, 2011



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Monday, August 22nd, 2011 Money Velocity and Prosperity

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