I. No Government, No Such Thing

Revised November 22, 2013

In this article; No Government, No Such Thing, we will see there is no such thing as no government.  As long as individuals are alive, there will always be some sort of government.  Governments can range from being very Democratic to being very heavily totalitarian.   It is much harder to set up a Democratic Government.  When people rid themselves of a Democratic Government, a Totalitarian Government is waiting on the sidelines.  With the absence of a government it is very easy for Totalitarianism to move in.

Government, what is it?  Many people want to rid themselves of Government.  They want to get rid of Government.  However hard they try they can’t seem to accomplish that task.  In order to understand why man has failed to accomplish this task over the past several thousand years you would have to look at man himself.

Government is composed of rules.  These rules are established from how man lives in order to exist and prosper.  Certain basic rules are followed by the various groups of man on planet earth.  All groups have some rules in common.  Each group has rules that apply to their specific environment and culture in which they exist.

All Governments are composed of rules that apply to their specific environment and cultural development.  Some of the rules become laws because they are very important for the existence and prosperity of the group.  Not only is the group creating existence, it is working and laboring toward achieving prosperity.

There is no such thing as “No Government.” There is only one way to have, “No Government.”  The way to have no government is to have no human being alive on planet earth.  As long as we have one human being alive on the planet there will be a Government. This Government is composed of the rules by which this individual lives, works and labors while achieving existence and prosperity.

People who promote the concept of “No Government” are either very ignorant or are criminals.  Criminals don’t apply the rules of the group, they pretend to be a part of.   They don’t operate by using prosperity creating rules.  Criminals find ways to live outside of the defining rules of the group.  They violate the rules that define the group.  Violating the defining rules of a group brings harm to the individuals in the group.  Violating the rules of the group destroys the prosperity and existence of the group.

The reason I say, “pretend to be a part of,” is they in reality are not part of the group they say they are.  They are not part of the group because they are not applying the defining rules of this group.  They are not applying the rules that make the group prosper and exist.  When individuals violate group rules, they are not “in the group!”  When individuals aren’t applying the rules of the group they profess to be a part of, they are really on the outside.  Groups are defined by rules of operation.  When these rules of operation are not being applied the individual is simply not in the group that is defined by the specific rules.

This is not to say rules can’t be changed. Rules will be changed based on changing environmental conditions and changes brought by technological advances.

Examples of conditions brought about by rules not being applied or efforts being made to rid a Nation of Government are financial collapses, wars, recessions and depressions.

What would happen if we got rid of the Governing bodies of professional sports industries? I think you could guess without much looking and studying.  A specific sport would no longer be defined.  They would cease to exist.  The sports industries would go into a state of chaos and cease to exist. This happens to other industries and to countries as well.

The field of Music is governed by very strict exact rules. What would happen to the field of Music if we abandoned all the rules?  We would end up with noise and very irritating noise. This field would cease to exist. It would become a dead field.

What would happen to a transportation system if we threw out all rules of engineering?  Roads would cease to exist.  Automobiles would cease to exist.  Trains, trucks, ships and airplanes would all disappear.

What would happen if we threw out the US Constitution?  We would cease to exist as a nation.  We would all be individuals operating by separate rules.  There would be chaos.  Totalitarian criminal individuals would establish a government.  They would put in their “rules” with might and force.  We would have a Totalitarian form of government.  Existence would be difficult to achieve.  Prosperity would be a far off dream.  Slavery would be the “rule” of the day.  Whenever you rid yourself of government there is always another form of government waiting on the sidelines to move in and force itself on you.  We must take responsibility for a government that establishes Equal Rights, Justice, domestic Tranquility, Common Defense, the General Welfare, and secures the Blessings of Liberty and Prosperity to its citizens and its future citizens.

It is self-evident, there is no such thing as, “No Government.”  There is only good-existence and prosperity-creating Government or bad criminal government.  We get bad criminal government when people attempt to rid themselves of government.  We get bad criminal government when individuals take office and do not enforce the defining rules and laws of a nation.  When someone takes a government office and destroys or dismantles the defining rules, they are dismantling their country.

When people rid themselves of government they are simply changing their existing rules for some new unknown set of rules.   Before you rid yourself of your present government you must set up a new set of defining rules that give your country a better state of existence and a greater prosperity potential.  It must be a better set of rules that give greater levels of prosperity to all in the Nation.  If you don’t have a preset set of rules established before hand, a totalitarian will impose his rule on you.  There will always be some sort of government present.  You can’t rid yourself of government.  It is best to stay with a government that establishes defining rules that give a good existence and prosperity for the greatest number of the citizens.   It is better to stay with a government that gives a good existence and prosperity than to throw it all out and take a gamble for a better government.  The chances of getting a better government are very slim.  The chances of getting a Totalitarian Government and slavery are very, very great.  Counter-producers are only too happy to throw out a good prosperity creating government and replacing it with a Totalitarian Slave state.

People who believe we can get rid of government should not ever be placed into any governmental office. Their purpose is to destroy themselves, their society and their nation.

Every country is defined by very specific rules.  These rules are agreed upon by the citizens of the country.  Rules defining a family, organization, society and nation can be changed.  This change should be in the direction of creating a better existence and prosperity for the greatest numbers of individuals in the group.  See the articles on “True Wealth!” in http://youcreatemoney.com.

Technology of Democracy
Raymond P Obrigewitsch
October 13, 2008

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