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Return of Right Wing Socialism Part 1

The main source of information for this article on The Return of Right Wing Socialism Part 1 comes from my recall and experiences.  This information is from living and experiencing firsthand what occurred over the past 60 years.  Most of this information is from my recollections of what transpired in the United States over that time period.

Yes, Fascism is a part of Right Wing Socialism.   I say this because many people have questioned whether Fascism is part of Right Wing Socialism.

Right Wing Socialism (Definition)

Right Wing Socialism occurs when rich and powerful individuals take control of governments.  They use the power of government to set up government financed and controlled programs.  These government programs allow them to redistribute and concentrate the wealth of the Nation into their own hands.

Right Wing Socialists created the Great Depression.  Right Wing Socialists used the control of the U.S. Government to redistribute and concentrate the wealth of the United States into their own hands.  This action led to the Great Depression.  They subsequently lost power because of this action.

Franklin Roosevelt – 1932

Franklin Roosevelt was elected President in 1932.  He used the power of government to recover from the Great Depression.  He was elected 4 times.  Having Roosevelt elected four times was very frustrating for the Right Wing Socialists.  Their solution was to limit the office of the President to two terms.  With this limit on the office of the President, the Right Wing Socialists could get back to power more quickly.  Once back in power, they could continue to use the power of government to redistribute and concentrate the wealth of the Nation into their own hands.

Wealth Creation


Steam lumber mill 002

Steam sawmill in operation.

Producers (Workers and Laborers) include everyone who works in an Organization.  Producers include all Workers as well as all Supervisors and Managers.  Anyone who performs any type of work, mental or physical or a combination of both, is included in the definition of a Producer.  The work, mental or physical or a combination of both must result in marketable commodities, trades, goods or services.

Redistributing and Concentrating Wealth

Right Wing Socialists seek to redistribute and concentrate wealth into their own hands.  They do this by taking over the control of governments and setting up programs administered by governments.  These government programs are used to move the wealth over to them.  They move the wealth without exchanging any or not enough self-created commodities, trades, goods and services for it.

The Right Wing Socialists were out of power in the United States for over 30 years.  The span of time was from 1932 to 1963.  In 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated.   LB Johnson became president.  At this point the Right Wing Socialists gained a foot hold in their comeback.

At one time, I believed the Viet Nam War was about stopping Communism.  Now I believe it was about redistributing and concentrating massive amounts of wealth into the hands of the Right Wing Socialists through military spending.

People believe the Republican Party is the Party of the Right Wing Socialists.  It is becoming clear that the Democrats have also had a big hand in helping the Right Wing Socialists.  The Democrats have aided the Right Wing Socialists while under the cover of pushing government programs that aid more than 99% of the other American citizens. The Producers make up the vast majority of people in the 99% group.

President Johnson

After Johnson took over, he aided the Right Wing Socialists through spending on the Viet Nam War.

After the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King the opposition to Right Wing Socialism dramatically decreased.  These assassinations allowed Nixon to gain power.

President Nixon

Nixon stepped up deficit spending.  Deficit spending is another Government program that redistributes and concentrates the wealth of the Nation into hands of the Right Wing Socialists.

The deficit spending led to massive inflation.

President Reagan

When Reagan was elected president in 1980 inflation was very high.  Interest rates for home mortgages were at 12%.

A solution had to be enacted.  Deficit spending was left intact.  The Protective Tariffs  enacted by President Washington were eliminated.  This was done by Reagan with the help of the Democrats in Congress.

These Protective Tariffs had been put into place by President Washington to protect America’s industries.

The Democrats again went against their supporters.  They did this by helping President Reagan remove the protections the tariffs offered for America’s industries and Producers.

Labor creating money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power.

Labor creating money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power.

The Producers are the people who create ALL of the money, value, wealth, capital, power and prosperity that exists in America.   The Producers are the people who create ALL the industries that exist in America.

The numbers of homeless people began to increase across America during this time period.

Democrats Aiding Right Wing Socialists

Up to this point in this article we have seen four places where the Democrats have gone against their supporters and aided Right Wing Socialism.  The first is the funding for the Viet Nam War.  The second is approving or not stopping the deficit spending carried forward by the Nixon Administration.  The third is helping Reagan remove the Protective Tariffs for America’s industries.  The fourth is approving or not stopping the massive deficit spending carried forward by President Reagan.

Removing the Protective Tariffs allowed products produced by very, very cheap labor in foreign countries to flood the American markets.  This put a check on inflation but destroyed many American industries.  Prices for commodities, trades, goods and services were held down.  Many of America’s industries were moved offshore to take advantage of the cheap labor in poorer Nations.

Many Unions were destroyed.

Unemployment numbers increased.

The numbers of homeless people began to increase.  Not since the 1930s had America seen this level of homelessness.

Removing the Protective Tariffs allowed much greater deficit spending to occur.  This massive increase in deficit spending could be carried out without the fear of runaway inflation.  The importation of cheap foreign-made goods was used to off-set the tendency for run-away inflation.  Run-away inflation is a common result from increased deficit spending.

Much of this deficit spending went into huge increases in military spending.

The Right Wing Socialists continued to make tremendous financial gains by redistributing and concentrating massive amounts of wealth into their hands from deficit spending, military spending and massive profits from cheap foreign labor.

The American Producers (workers and laborers) suffered huge losses in jobs and income.  These were largely the supporters of the Democrats in government.  They were betrayed by their representatives.  It was a given that the Republicans represented the Right Wing Socialists.  Without the Democrat’s aid in helping Right Wing Socialism the Right Wing Socialists would not have been able to regain power so rapidly.

The Assassinations

The assassinations of the Kennedys and King left a very sobering message in the minds of Democrats.  This was a definitive turning point.  This is where the Democrats covertly moved in concert with the Republicans.  They worked together developing government programs that would redistribute and concentrate the money, value, energy, wealth, capital, power and prosperity into the hands of the Right Wing Socialists.

After the assassinations of the Kennedys and King the Right Wing Socialists gained control of both political parties.

At the end of the Reagan administration the equal time for free speech was removed.  This action destroyed free speech, giving the Right Wing Socialists a monopoly on speech.  At this point they started gaining an advantage in elections.

President G.H.W Bush

In the George Herbert Walker Bush administration NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was negotiated.

President Clinton

In Clinton’s first year in office he pushed through and signed NAFTA.  NAFTA was a massive defeat for the American Worker (Producers) and American Industries.  This was a major blow to the people who voted for Clinton.  The Right Wing Socialists made huge financial gains after this agreement was put into law.   Further movement of American industries to off-shore locations took place.

President Clinton balanced the federal budget, reduced unemployment and had high statistics. However, he contributed tremendously to the ever growing power and greed of the Right Wing Socialists.

Clinton deregulated the media.  Now the media could be totally controlled by a few Right Wing Socialists.

He repealed Glass-Steagall, which lead to the Great Recession in 2008.  He also set up private prisons.

President G. W. Bush

During the Bush II years there was tremendous redistribution and concentration of wealth into the hands of the few rich and powerful Right Wing Socialists.

Wall Street and Bank speculation was rampant

Massive deficit spending took place.  The annual deficit was run up to $1.4 trillion.  The money was invested in the military industrial complex, Wall Street and Bank bailouts.

This led to a massive economic collapse.

President Obama

When Obama took power the American people expected the prosecution of those who fraudulently caused the Great Recession.  Instead, more massive Wall Street and Bank Bailouts occurred.  The Americans (Producers) who create all the money, value, energy, wealth, capital, power and prosperity were left paying for all the economic destruction caused by the Right Wing Socialists.

Today the American people are seeing the true story that has occurred over the past 50 + years.  They are finally seeing that we no long have a 2 party system.  Both parties are controlled by the Right Wing Socialists.  The Producers (Workers/Laborers including working managers and supervisors) realize they no longer have a political party that represents them.

                                                    Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
By RP Obrigewitsch
Feb. 2, 2017


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III. Election Campaign Finance Tech

I am back from a week off practicing for a Halloween concert.  I play percussion in a Concert Band.  We had a great time!


 Before I start the article on Election Campaign Finance Technology I want to have the definition of Democracy understood with certainty.  There is some confusion on the definition of Democracy.  There is confusion between a Democracy and a Republic.  There really isn’t much difference between the two except in a Democracy you have “equal rights for all citizens.”  They can be the same or they can be slightly different.  The main deference is that in a Democracy we have a political or social system of equality, “all men are created equal.”  The political system in America is a Democratic Republic.  The definitions for both words were studied in several dictionaries.

The following definitions are from the Random House Dictionary of the English Language.

Democracy: 1. government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. 2. a state having such a form of government.  3. a state in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them rather than by elected representatives.  4. political or social equality; democratic spirit.

Republic:  1.  a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.  2.  a state in which the head of government is an elected or nominated president, and not a monarch.

The political system in the United States aligns with the first definitions of both words.  The supreme power is vested or rests in the people or in the body of citizens entitled to vote.  The people, the voters, elect agents or representatives to exercise the supreme power of the people.  This gives us a Democratic Republic political system in the United States.

In a Democracy there may be a choice between how the supreme power can be exercised.  The supreme power can be exercised directly by the people or by their elected agents or representatives.  Also, “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence aligns with definition four of Democracy.  This is where the concept of equal rights arises.  We have the right to a system of political or social equality.

The non-producers work to take that basic unalienable right away from us.  By arguing that we are a Republic, they can say they have more power and rights, because of their wealth, than the majority of the citizens.  Then they can covertly seek to force their domination over the producers and create a slave state.  In this type of a society they can continue to steal the wealth from the producing citizens.  This must not be allowed to continue!  This rewarding of non-producers has continued too long on this planet.  It has resulted in much suffering, recessions, depressions, and wars, to say the least.

The rich and powerful non-producers fear the producing citizens will exercising their supreme power directly without elected representative.  With the electronics available today this could become a reality.  If the producing citizens exercised their supreme power directly the rich and powerful non-producers would have a very hard time controlling all the citizen producers.  In a strictly representative form of government they can and have been controlling the representatives with their money and power.

In a Republic the supreme power is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by the citizens.  There is no choice as to whether citizens can exercise their supreme power directly.  Their supreme power can only be exercised by representatives chosen by them.

It has become increasingly apparent that the supreme power is being taken from the people at large and is being placed into the hands of a small minority of ultra rich citizens and corporations.  Many of these ultra rich are rewarded non-producers, taking huge sums of wealth without the correct exchange in produced, by them, goods and services.  The vast majority of citizens have been slowly loosing the supreme power that is supposed to be vested in them to the ultra rich non-producers.  This article covering the Election Campaign Finance Technology is a set of rules that will insure all citizens have their right of supreme power.  All citizens have the right to equal supreme power to use in electing their representative.

The Article

 The following article contains a set of rules for election campaign contributions.  This is a set of rules which aligns with the intent of the Preamble of the U. S. Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.  It also aligns with the intent of the Declaration of Independence.  It is a Democratic set of rules regulating election campaign contributions.

This system of rules frees politicians from being bought and pressured by big business, the wealthy and political action committees.  This set of rules would free politicians from being bought and influenced by individuals of foreign citizenship, by foreign governments, foreign companies and by individuals of American citizenship residing outside of a specific politician’s district of representation.

Elections would become truly Democratic affairs.  We would see the principle of one-man-one-vote truly implemented.  Today and in the past big money, with excess campaign contributions, has or had more than one-man-one-vote!  Excess campaign contributions give the large money contributor much more power in selecting who gets on the ballot and then who wins in the final election.  This is allowed to happen in a “supposedly Democratic Society.”  A wealthy individual or group can have a much, much greater influence on swaying an election, thus they in effect have much more power than what one-man-one-vote would allow them to have.  This is not a Democracy, it is not the self evident truth of  “all men are created equal.”    This also violates our unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Contributing money is like voting.  The more money an individual contributes, the more votes he has.  Money can be counted as votes.  Money is not speech.  In a Democracy the main principle is, “all men are created equal.”  Using the Rules of Election Campaign Finance Technology we put in the equal vote for all.  All citizens, in a Democracy must have equal access to the process of electing representatives.  Also, in a Democracy, all citizens, must have equal free speech.  If either of these is violated then we don’t have a Democracy, we have minority rule.  Minority rule leads to Authoritarian rule.  Authoritarian rule results in Fascist and Communist type government systems.  This is traveling down the death spiral road to succumb for a society.

Democracy, “all men are created equal,” is a pro-survival governmental system.  Anything less than, “all men are created equal,” is on the road to succumb for a society.  This is riding down the death spiral for the society.  With Democracy a society is riding on the survive spiral.

There may be one exception when it comes to voting and campaign finance.  “Non-producers do not have the right to vote or contribute to any election campaign while functioning as non-producers.  When they re-form and become producers then they gain the right to vote and contribute to election campaigns.”

 Non-producers have as their purpose to succumb and take the society with them.  They are destroying a society by taking money without exchanging goods and services for it.  In many cases they create contra-survival activities and contra-survival goods and services.  These contra-survival activities, goods and services are things that are destructive to the survival of their fellow man, the society and themselves.

When they are allowed to vote and contribute to an election system they vote and contribute to contra-survival candidates, initiatives and referendums.  They pull a society down to succumb.  They destroy themselves, their families, their society and their Nation.  Non-producers are on the death spiral.  They work to take all around them down with them.

Allowing big money to contribute huge amounts of money to a political campaign and thus giving big money a much, much greater influence on determining the outcome of an election violates the first clause, after the Preamble, in the Declaration of Independence.  This situation violates the, “all men are created equal,” part of the clause.  This situation also violates the, “unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” part of the clause.

This is the first clause of the Declaration of Independence following the Preamble:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

 The Rules

 RULE ONE:   No candidate for public office shall receive any money from any source other than the Citizens of the United States of America for political campaign funding.

RULE TWO:   No candidate shall receive any money from outside of that candidate’s district of representation for campaign funding.

  1. Candidates for President of the United States have the citizens residing and voting across the whole country as potential campaign contributors.
  2. Candidates for Senator of each State have those citizens residing and voting in their State as potential campaign contributors.
  3. Candidates for the U.S. Congress have the people residing and voting in their Congressional Districts as potential campaign contributors.
  4. These rules also apply to all state and local candidates for public offices.
    1. Candidates for State Governor have, the citizens residing and voting in the State the candidate is running for Governor in, as potential campaign contributors.
    2. All candidates for State Legislative Offices have, the citizens residing and voting in the District the candidate is running for office in, as potential campaign contributors.
    3. Candidates running for Mayor have, the citizens who reside and vote in the City the candidate is running for Mayer in, as potential campaign contributors.
    4. All other candidates for any other public office must take campaign contributions only from voters who reside and vote in the district the candidate is seeking office in.
    5. All Referendums and Initiatives placed on the Election Ballot could only be funded by citizens who reside and vote in the State or District where the Referendum or Initiative applies.

 RULE THREE:   No Company, Corporation or Group of any kind, what-so-ever, can contribute to any campaign fund what-so-ever or operate a separate campaign fund (example, Political Action Committee.)  Money for political campaigns can only come from individual citizens who are eligible to vote in the United States.

RULE FOUR:   Each candidate shall have only one campaign fund.  There may not be any political action committee or any other campaign fund operated separate from the individual candidate’s campaign fund.

RULE FIVE:   Only individual people can contribute to a campaign fund!  For these are the only and true entities for which this Democratic Republic Stands.  Individuals are the basic building blocks of the Democratic Republic.  From individuals we build families and groups.  Individuals are the only entities that can vote in elections, therefore only individuals can be the only entities who are allowed to contribute to a campaign fund.  Groups can’t vote!  Only individuals vote!

RULE SIX:   No one individual shall contribute more that five hundred dollars to any one campaign fund in a given campaign.

RULE SEVEN:   An individual can contribute to as many election campaigns as he is eligible to vote in.  He shall only contribute a maximum of 500 dollars to each campaign fund.

RULE EIGHT:   The violation of any of these rules by a political candidate intentionally or unintentionally is a felony.  It is also a felony for people running campaigns for Referendums or Initiatives to violate any of these rules.  It is also a felony to contribute to a campaign the individual is not eligible to vote in.  As a penalty, the violator is barred from participating as a candidate for any public office for the duration of his or her life.  If the violation is discovered after the candidate has won an election, the violator is immediately dismissed from office.  The vacated position is refilled through existing rules and laws that cover vacancies for death, resignations and etc.

With Referendums or Initiatives, if these Rules are violated, the violators are charged with a felony and the Referendum or Initiative is voided and placed on the Ballot for the next election cycle.


 These Rules are necessary because we as a Nation are loosing our Democratic Republic political system to the rule of a few rich non-producers.  They are taking the supreme power that is vested in the people and placing it into their own hands.  Many of these rich non-producers are on a death spiral affecting themselves and their society.  This is not Democratic rule, it is an Authoritarian rule.

A 1% of minority has stolen the supreme power from the citizens and is ruling with their massive campaign contributions to candidates.  These candidates will reward them handsomely with large military spending and policies which allow the owners of companies to take larger and larger profits from the working producers.  These profits come from the profits of the working producers who create the wealth.  These massive campaign contributions help set an economic climate that allows speculators to take huge amounts of money out of the Market with, very little and in most cases, no exchange for it.  This situation sets up a massive “redistribution of wealth” from the working Producers and places that wealth into the hands of the rich non-producers.  This is a system of “class warfare.”  It is the rich non-producers who are waging “class warfare and redistributing wealth.”

This Country was set up as a Democratic Republic style Government which represents individual citizens.  This Country was set up to be Government by the Rule of a simple majority across the board.  The only exception is the two thirds required to override an Executive Veto.  All other votes are required to be by a simple majority.

Any thing more than a simple majority leads to a “Rule by the Minority.”  Example; if a Legislative House requires a 60% vote to pass legislation then 40% of the Legislatures can control that Legislative House.  This is minority rule.  Logically this sounds good that a 60% majority vote is required. However, it allows a minority of 40% to stop Legislative activity.  The rich and powerful non-producers like this because it opens the door for them to control the majority of the citizens.

Companies, corporations or any other groups are represented indirectly through the citizens of the country.

Citizens are the true bodies which are and can be represented by this Democratic Republic.  Human beings, the citizens, rightfully are the only entities who may contribute to any political campaign.

Any contribution made by any group shall be deemed illegal since a group is not an individual citizen and thus not represented directly by the government. A group does not vote!  The individuals of the group vote!

A group is made up of individuals who are the direct recipients of this Democratic Republic’s representation.  Companies, corporation and groups are not alive in the true sense of the word alive.  If the people who make up these companies, corporations and groups are removed, all that remains are substances of the physical universe.  All life, which is vested in human beings, would be removed.

Human beings give groups their life!  Without the presence of human life groups do not exist!

This Democratic Republic represents living citizens or living individuals.

The principle that individuals are directly represented by the Democratic Republican Government of this land is a self evident truth.

Individuals vote for their representatives.  Companies, corporations and groups do not vote.  Individuals have the power and the privilege to donate to election campaigns.

A limit is placed on the amount of money that one individual may donate to an election campaign because a wealthy individual can have more power and influence by donating large sums of money to specific political candidates and causes.  Therefore, a 500 dollar limit brings the power and influence of a wealthy individual into proper alignment or perspective with the power and influence of the less wealthy citizens.

These Rules are a Democratic set of principles which fall in line with the Constitution of the United States.  The present system of campaign contributions violates the spirit of the Constitution.

Allowing campaign contributions to be accepted from areas outside of the candidate’s City, District, County, State or Country is misrepresentation.  People from another voting area have no right to have any influence in the elections outside of their voting area.

When donating funds to a campaign in another City, District, County, State or Country an individual is influencing the political process where he does not reside.  This is like casting votes of influence outside his legal residence.

Donating money is like votes.  The more money an individual donates the more votes he is placing.  Money in reality is a form votes.

Technology of Democracy
By RP Obrigewitsch
October 26, 2011

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I. No Government, No Such Thing

Revised November 22, 2013

In this article; No Government, No Such Thing, we will see there is no such thing as no government.  As long as individuals are alive, there will always be some sort of government.  Governments can range from being very Democratic to being very heavily totalitarian.   It is much harder to set up a Democratic Government.  When people rid themselves of a Democratic Government, a Totalitarian Government is waiting on the sidelines.  With the absence of a government it is very easy for Totalitarianism to move in.

Government, what is it?  Many people want to rid themselves of Government.  They want to get rid of Government.  However hard they try they can’t seem to accomplish that task.  In order to understand why man has failed to accomplish this task over the past several thousand years you would have to look at man himself.

Government is composed of rules.  These rules are established from how man lives in order to exist and prosper.  Certain basic rules are followed by the various groups of man on planet earth.  All groups have some rules in common.  Each group has rules that apply to their specific environment and culture in which they exist.

All Governments are composed of rules that apply to their specific environment and cultural development.  Some of the rules become laws because they are very important for the existence and prosperity of the group.  Not only is the group creating existence, it is working and laboring toward achieving prosperity.

There is no such thing as “No Government.” There is only one way to have, “No Government.”  The way to have no government is to have no human being alive on planet earth.  As long as we have one human being alive on the planet there will be a Government. This Government is composed of the rules by which this individual lives, works and labors while achieving existence and prosperity.

People who promote the concept of “No Government” are either very ignorant or are criminals.  Criminals don’t apply the rules of the group, they pretend to be a part of.   They don’t operate by using prosperity creating rules.  Criminals find ways to live outside of the defining rules of the group.  They violate the rules that define the group.  Violating the defining rules of a group brings harm to the individuals in the group.  Violating the rules of the group destroys the prosperity and existence of the group.

The reason I say, “pretend to be a part of,” is they in reality are not part of the group they say they are.  They are not part of the group because they are not applying the defining rules of this group.  They are not applying the rules that make the group prosper and exist.  When individuals violate group rules, they are not “in the group!”  When individuals aren’t applying the rules of the group they profess to be a part of, they are really on the outside.  Groups are defined by rules of operation.  When these rules of operation are not being applied the individual is simply not in the group that is defined by the specific rules.

This is not to say rules can’t be changed. Rules will be changed based on changing environmental conditions and changes brought by technological advances.

Examples of conditions brought about by rules not being applied or efforts being made to rid a Nation of Government are financial collapses, wars, recessions and depressions.

What would happen if we got rid of the Governing bodies of professional sports industries? I think you could guess without much looking and studying.  A specific sport would no longer be defined.  They would cease to exist.  The sports industries would go into a state of chaos and cease to exist. This happens to other industries and to countries as well.

The field of Music is governed by very strict exact rules. What would happen to the field of Music if we abandoned all the rules?  We would end up with noise and very irritating noise. This field would cease to exist. It would become a dead field.

What would happen to a transportation system if we threw out all rules of engineering?  Roads would cease to exist.  Automobiles would cease to exist.  Trains, trucks, ships and airplanes would all disappear.

What would happen if we threw out the US Constitution?  We would cease to exist as a nation.  We would all be individuals operating by separate rules.  There would be chaos.  Totalitarian criminal individuals would establish a government.  They would put in their “rules” with might and force.  We would have a Totalitarian form of government.  Existence would be difficult to achieve.  Prosperity would be a far off dream.  Slavery would be the “rule” of the day.  Whenever you rid yourself of government there is always another form of government waiting on the sidelines to move in and force itself on you.  We must take responsibility for a government that establishes Equal Rights, Justice, domestic Tranquility, Common Defense, the General Welfare, and secures the Blessings of Liberty and Prosperity to its citizens and its future citizens.

It is self-evident, there is no such thing as, “No Government.”  There is only good-existence and prosperity-creating Government or bad criminal government.  We get bad criminal government when people attempt to rid themselves of government.  We get bad criminal government when individuals take office and do not enforce the defining rules and laws of a nation.  When someone takes a government office and destroys or dismantles the defining rules, they are dismantling their country.

When people rid themselves of government they are simply changing their existing rules for some new unknown set of rules.   Before you rid yourself of your present government you must set up a new set of defining rules that give your country a better state of existence and a greater prosperity potential.  It must be a better set of rules that give greater levels of prosperity to all in the Nation.  If you don’t have a preset set of rules established before hand, a totalitarian will impose his rule on you.  There will always be some sort of government present.  You can’t rid yourself of government.  It is best to stay with a government that establishes defining rules that give a good existence and prosperity for the greatest number of the citizens.   It is better to stay with a government that gives a good existence and prosperity than to throw it all out and take a gamble for a better government.  The chances of getting a better government are very slim.  The chances of getting a Totalitarian Government and slavery are very, very great.  Counter-producers are only too happy to throw out a good prosperity creating government and replacing it with a Totalitarian Slave state.

People who believe we can get rid of government should not ever be placed into any governmental office. Their purpose is to destroy themselves, their society and their nation.

Every country is defined by very specific rules.  These rules are agreed upon by the citizens of the country.  Rules defining a family, organization, society and nation can be changed.  This change should be in the direction of creating a better existence and prosperity for the greatest numbers of individuals in the group.  See the articles on “True Wealth!” in

Technology of Democracy
Raymond P Obrigewitsch
October 13, 2008

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II. Versions of Freedom

This is an article on the different types of Freedom defined in different types of political systems.

In the Democratic system we find Freedom defined as, “equal rights for all citizens.”

In the Fascist or Right Wing systems we find Freedom defined as, “he who is in power has all the freedom to do whatever he desires or wants to do.”   Freedom is arbitrarily applied by the person or persons in power.  They determine from day to day and hour to hour what freedoms their subjects have or do not have.  There is no guarantee what freedom is and when it is.  They control the media with monopolistic ownership.  They allow only their viewpoints and assault and discourage any different or opposing views.  They assault the opposing views with antagonism, anger, hate, fear, and hostility.  In some cases they use pain and imprisonment in their assault on opposing views.

In a Communist system we find the same basic definition of freedom as in the Fascist/Right Wing systems.   However, here it is covertly applied.  The Communist says, they are using the Democratic definition of freedom but when in power they use the Fascist/Right Wing definition.

The Democratic style of Freedom is built on reasoning and analytical computation where all citizens work together in a reasoning and analytical manner.  All citizens are willing to use reason and encourage fellow citizens to speak freely where everyone has an equal use of speech on a reasoning level.  The citizens use facts along with reasoning.   Heavy emotion is not placed in the equation.  There are times when heavy emotion is present but in a Democratic style of Freedom it is set aside and decisions are made based on facts and logical analytical reasoning.  The media is not controlled by monopolistic ownership.  The media is based on Open Market Economic supply and demand.  The media does not compete on a stimulus-response heavy emotion level by passing on gossip, lies, deception and enturbulative information.  It produces on an analytical-informative and entertaining level.

In the Fascist/Right Wing systems freedom is on the reactive stimulus response level.  Here the leaders use heavy emotion such as fear, hate, anger, pain, antagonism and hostility to enforce their reality on the citizens. The citizens’ fall in line because of the heavy emotion enforced speech. This heavy emotion enforced speech is what is commonly called brain washing.  The Communist and Fascist/Right Wing rule with heavy emotion backed by fear, hate, anger, antagonism, pain, and hostility.

Technology of Democracy
RP Obrigewitsch
May 12, 2011

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