2.2 Capitalism Without Rules

Revised November 3, 2013

The purpose of this article is to show that all existence and prosperity in this Universe results from finding and applying very specific rules.   Capitalism without rules is very destructive to the prosperity of a society and nation.  Specific workable rules must be applied to provide prosperity for all production activities and for the existence of all living and non-living entities.  

When you look at this Universe you will find nothing exists and persists unless it applies and follows very specific rules or laws.   This includes all life organisms, all physical universe bodies and all activities.  

The planet earth follows very specific rules everyday.   If it didn’t it would crash into the sun or spin into outer space.  When you drive a motor vehicle you follow the rules of the road and the Laws of Physics involved in operating a motor vehicle.  You know the outcome if you don’t follow these rules.  Look around you, everything that’s existing, persisting and prospering is successfully following very specific rules. Automobile engines follow very specific rules of Physics.  Very specific rules demanded by the society are applied when engines are designed and created.  Computers follow very specific rules.  Living organisms follow very specific rules in order to prosper and exist.   Successful business activities apply very specific rules. 

When you examine entities or activities which are not prospering well, you will find they are not following or applying exactly the rules that apply in creating prosperity in their activity.  In many cases the misapplication of rules or laws ranges from not exactly applying them, to not applying them at all.  These activities and entities are on their way towards failure.

Non-producers and counter-producers think they can violate this basic law of the Universe without consequences.  They operate a destructive form of Capitalism, capitalism without rules, and call it Capitalism, without applying any rules. 

We are now suffering through a rough economic time because the non-producers and counter-producers are attempting to operate an Economic System without any rules.  This is not freedom. There is no freedom when the correct rules are not being applied.  There also is no freedom when incorrect rules are being applied.  Freedom is gained only by correctly applying the exact rules which make a particular activity or entity prosper at an optimum level.  

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics has the Basic Natural Laws or Rules which give Economic Systems prosperity.  They give Economic Systems prosperity at the optimum level.

It is currently popular to believe freedom is living in the absence of rules.  This living in the absence of rules is on the road to destruction; the non-producers and counter-producers will take over the economic system and destroy the society. 

Here are examples of what would happen if no rules were applied.   What would happen to the games of Baseball, Basketball, Golf or Football if no rules were used to define and officiate in these games?   They would cease to exist!  What would happen in the game of Music if no rules were used to define the production of sound so we would have pleasing sound aesthetics?  Music would become a dead subject! You would have what is classified as noise.   The same holds true in Economics!  The society will go toward destruction via recessions, depressions and war. 

In 2009, we were in a Great Recession because the rules of economics were not applied.  We were lead to believe it would be prosperous to run an economic system without applying any rules as to how it should be operated.  They ran on the rule, “no rules are necessary in operating an economic system.”  This is a criminal way of operating.  Criminals believe no rules are necessary!  They believe we should all be left to do as we see fit!  When an economic system is operated with no rules the criminals can do as they see fit!  

The criminal non-producers and counter-producers took over and crashed the Stock Market, crashed the Real Estate industry and crashed the whole economic system world wide.  They transferred trillions in money units from the huge population of Producers, world wide and placed it into the hands of a very small group of rich non-producers and counter-producers.  They redistributed wealth on a very, very large scale from the Producers to the non-producers and counter-producers!  They bottled up huge, huge amounts of money units, severely slowing the Money Velocity, causing a deep recession. 

Money, created by the Producers, is the energy that flows through an organization, society, nation and mankind.  It is the life blood of the individual, family, organization, society, mankind and environments.   Like blood in the body, when money velocity is slowed the Individual, Family, Organization, Society, Nation, Mankind and Environments recede towards depressions.  Likewise the body will suffer when the blood flow velocity slows.

Ideally, in the case of Economics, the Government or another appointed body of Citizens would officiate in the Game of Economics.   They would apply the exact rules of economics, correctly, to govern the economic system.  Only then would we have a very high prosperous Economic System where everyone could prosper when they followed the Rules or the Natural Laws of Economics. 

There is one true economic system and that is the system where the Producers create the wealth and receive reward in exchange for the wealth they create.   If there is any prosperity in any economic system, from the systems that follow the rules exactly to the most depressed economic systems, it is being created by the Producers.   Even in the most depressed systems there are some Producers present creating the little money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power that exists.  The Producers are creating the little prosperity that is present.  If there are no Producers present or there is no production present that society or group is dead.

The true purpose of Government is to officiate in the prosperity of a Society, a Nation and all of Mankind by ensuring the exact rules of economics and politics are followed.  This requires honest men and women. It also requires men and women who aren’t short-sighted and propelled by greed.  Men and women who can see truth and don’t dwell in lies are required.  Men and women who are driven by the purpose of working and laboring for the prosperity of all Mankind are required.  In doing this they can insure an optimum prosperity level for themselves, families, organizations, society, nation, mankind and environments.  They must use the exact economic rules and insist they are enforced for the benefit of the prosperity of the greatest numbers of citizens.  This, by the way, is Democracy, “Do what produces the most prosperity for the greatest number of people.”

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
By Raymond P. Obrigewitsch
July 11, 2009
Revised November 3, 2013

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