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I have gotten into uncharted waters here in the field of Economics.  When you read this article you may feel you are getting into uncharted waters.  There must be other people who have observed the phenomena of Capitalist Socialist Economics.  This article may go outside of the conventional knowledge on Capitalism and Socialism.  In the field of Economics there is a lot of misinformation, out right lies and propaganda.  The misinformation, lies and propaganda has been spread by the non-producers and the counter-producers.  The following information discovered while researching Socialism should correct some of the misinformation, dispel some lies and clean up some of the propaganda.


The Capitalist Socialist Economic System is an economic system where Capitalism operates from a Socialist Foundation.  This Socialist Foundation is created and maintained through Government programs.  This happens to be the economic system that has been operating in the United States.

The Capitalist Socialist Economic System, operating in the United States, started when the first settlers arrived on the North American Continent.  Some of the first social programs implemented were Forts and other forms of fortification for defense.  They moved onto policing services, education, health prevention and care, roads, bridges, waste management, drinking water purification, etc.  They used socialism to establish a very solid foundation on which capitalism could grow and prosper.

The Settlers used the Capital Producing form of Capitalism and the Capital Producing form of Socialism.  Both of these systems reward the Producers for their production.  When I say Producers, I am talking about individuals who create all the money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power through work and labor.  Most Settlers came to America to escape the harsh rule of the Capital Destroying form of Capitalism. 

The Capital Destroying Capitalists redistribute the money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power away from the Producers.  They place it into their hands.  They reward non-production and counter-production.  They create slave state economic systems.  Slave state economics is a form of socialism that benefits the Capital Destroying Capitalists.  The Capital Destroying Capitalists are more socialistic than the socialists they attack.

Two Versions of Capitalist Socialist Economics

I have been doing research on Socialism over the past several months. In the findings I have uncovered some incredible information about Socialism and its relationship to Capitalism.  We could also say the findings have uncovered some incredible information about Capitalism and its relationship to Socialism.  This may be new information in the field of economics. 

Capitalism and Socialism have been found to co-exist.  They operate together for the purpose of achieving prosperity.  In the past Capitalism and Socialism have been viewed to exist entirely separate from each other.  They have been viewed to be in conflict with each other.  Here they are found to co-exist.  They are being used to work together in creating economic prosperity.

Capitalism exists with some form of Socialism giving it a foundation on which to operate.  Socialism works best for constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, flood control, large scale drinking water projects, waste treatment and handling, public health, education, large scale irrigation systems, etc.  Capital Producing Capitalism operates from these programs.  It uses these programs as a foundation on which prosperity is created.  I will get into this more as I write the article.

There are two versions of Capitalist Socialist Economics.  One creates prosperity and the other destroys prosperity.  In other works, there are two apposing systems of Capitalist Socialist Economics.  They have been oscillating back and forth.  The Capitalist Socialist Economic System that rewards Producers creates prosperity.  The Capitalist Socialist Economic System that rewards non-producers and counter-producers destroys prosperity.  The Capitalist Socialist Economic System that rewards non-producers and counter-producers lives off the backs of the Capitalist Socialist system that creates prosperity. 

The prosperity creating version combines Capital Producing Capitalism with Capital Producing Socialism. They work together while creating prosperity.  This system can be explained in the terms of a ladder.  In this system Socialism is used to build a prosperity ladder.  Then Capitalism used this ladder to climb to greater and greater levels of prosperity.  When a greater level of prosperity is achieved Capital Producing Socialism is expanded to build a taller ladder.  From this ladder Capital Producing Capitalism climbs to even greater levels of prosperity.

The Prosperity destroying version combines Capital Destroying Capitalism with Capital Destroying Socialism.  They work together dismantling the prosperity ladder while destroying prosperity.  In this system Capital Destroying Socialism is used to redistribute money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power away from the Producers.  They placed it into the hands of the Capital Destroying Capitalists.

The Prosperity Destroying Version

The current predominant practice of Capitalism is Capital Destroying Capitalism. It is operated in a manner that destroys prosperity for societies and nations.  The current predominant practice of Capitalism rewards non-producers and counter-producers.  It redistributes the money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power into the hands of a few rich and powerful individuals. They use Capital Destroying Social programs to transfer money, value, energy, wealth, capital, power and prosperity into their hands.

Capital Destroying Socialist Programs

The Capital Destroying Capitalists have set up and are operating the following Capital Destroying Socialist programs.  These programs are designed to reward non-production and counter-production.  These programs include:

  • Lowered or no taxes for the rich and powerful.
  • They have set up the Federal Reserve to be used to expand the money supply.  Through the expansion of the money supply they can transfer tremendous amounts of money, value, energy, wealth, capital, power and prosperity away from the Producers.  They transfer it into their hands and bank accounts.  This action destroys prosperity. It causes inflation.

Other Capital Destroying Socialist programs include:

  • Excessive military spending;
  • Conducting wars without exhausting all resources in the quest to prevent war;
  • Corporate welfare;
  • Agricultural welfare;
  • Bailouts to the counter-producer banking system;
  • Bailouts to the counter-producer wall street system;
  • Monopolizing the media;
  • Monopolizing energy systems;
  • A monopolized Medical system;
  • Monopolies, privately owned and operated;
  • Socializing the losses and privatizing the profits of corporations;
  • No bid government contracts;
  • Allowing corporations rights of citizens;
  • FDIC insurance for the Banking industry;
  • Government insurance for the Nuclear industry;
  • Welfare for Corporations to move to foreign countries;

I often call this Right Wing Socialism.  They take about 70 to 80 percent of the Federal Budget.  This group objects the most to the use of Socialism.  They object very strongly to the use of Socialist Programs that enhance the ability of the Producers to create greater prosperity. 

At the same time they work to eradicate socialism that rewards production activities, they put into existence socialist programs of their own.  Some of these Programs are listed above.  These programs help them redistribute the wealth of a nation into their own hands.  Somehow they don’t recognize or won’t admit these programs are socialism.

The Prosperity Creating Version

The prosperity creating version of the Capitalist Socialist System combines Capital Producing Capitalism with Capital Producing Socialism.  This leads to prosperity.

This is the system of economics that came into existence in North America when the Settlers first arrived.  Social programs are established to put a foundation under the Producers. 

Producers can produce more abundantly when they are:

  • well educated,
  • have clean drinking water,
  • sanitary waste management,
  • honest banking,
  • a Constant Money Supply,
  • an Open Market,
  • a Policing service that backs them when they protest against the counter-producers,
  • the correct size military industrial complex,
  • war only as the last resort;
  • roads,
  • bridges,
  • airports,
  • harbors,
  • other forms of transportation systems free from monopolies;
  • flood control projects,
  • hydroelectric projects,
  • large irrigation projects,
  • health care system that covers all citizens,
  • retirement systems

This is the prosperity creating version of Capitalist Socialist Economics.  It has been demonstrated, through many years of operation, that individuals, families, organizations, societies, nations and mankind have prospered well.  They have prospered using the prosperity version of Capitalist Socialist Economics.

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
By RP Obrigewitsch
December 21, 2013

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