3.3 Overt and Hidden Socialism

Overt and Hidden Socialism are two types of Socialism.  One is openly Socialistic; the other denies being Socialistic while living off Socialist programs.  Overt Socialism says, “Yes here I am and I am openly Socialistic.  Hidden Socialism denies being Socialistic while reaping huge benefits gained from Socialist systems and programs.

Overt Socialism    


Overt Socialism:  Is a system of Socialism that proclaims to be a system where the government or the community owns the means of production.  They say they are Socialists and practice Socialism.

Overt Socialism is a system of Socialism that openly proclaims to be Socialistic.  Overt Socialist systems include political economics programs or organizations that are openly needed and wanted by the citizens of a society or nation.  They include Capital Producing Socialism.  In Capital Producing Socialism the Producers work together in groups and organizations.  They work together in groups and organizations for the purpose of creating commodities, trades, goods and services.  They receive pay equal to their levels of production.  The Organizations can be Worker owned, Co-operatively owned, or Government owned and controlled.

Overt Socialism can also include Socialist systems where a Socialist form is pressed on the Producers with might and force.  Such an enforced Socialist system occurs in Communist nations.  Overt Socialist systems can also include Socialist systems where the Producers openly and willingly embrace a form of Socialism.

The Socialist systems, where the Producers openly and willingly embrace a form of Socialism, are usually of the Capital Producing Socialist types.  They reward production and don’t reward the non-producers and counter-producers.

The Socialist systems, where Socialism is pressed upon the Producers with might and force, are Capital Destroying Socialist systems.  They reward non-production and counter-production at the expense of the Producers.

Hidden Socialism

Hidden Socialism: It is a system of Socialism that denies being Socialistic.  They attack Socialism while hiding their practice of Socialism.  They depend on massive Government programs in order to exist.  They depend on an over-bloated military industrial complex, corporate (welfare) subsidies, and agricultural (welfare) subsidies; policing services that protect them, government sanctioned monopolies and many other government programs.  They develop the socialist government policy that allows them to “capitalize the profits and socialize the losses.”  They preach free market economics and practice controlling the Market.  The Capital Destroying Economic System of Capitalism is a Hidden Socialism.  The Capital Destroying Capitalist attacks Socialism while capitalizing on the existence of Socialist systems and programs that make it possible for the Capital Destroying Capitalists to exist.

The Hidden Socialists (Capital Destroying Capitalists) work towards controlling governments.  They use their control over the government to pass laws restricting the Producers from organizing into groups or unions.  The Producers strive to organize in order to protect their interests.  The interests they strive for are, “to be rewarded fully for their production of money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power.”  The Hidden Socialists maintain organized groups and associations to protect their interests.  They use their unity to carry forth their thrust of taking as much money, value, energy, wealth, capital and power as they can from the Producers without exchange for it on the Open Market.  They use their organizations to control the government and to prevent the Producers from organizing into groups or unions.

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
The Science of Economics
By: R P Obrigewitsch

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