2.4 True Wealth!

Revised November 8, 2013

True wealth; what is it?  Referring to the New Oxford American Dictionary, we will look at the contemporary definitions of wealth.

Wealth is an abundance of valuable possessions or money.  Wealth is also the state of being rich; material prosperity.  It is the plentiful supplies of a particular resource.  Wealth is also a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing; as in, the tables and maps contain a wealth of information.  The archaic definition is; well being; prosperity.

Wealthy is having a great deal of money, resources or assets; rich.

The origin of the word wealth is Middle English welthe, from well’ or weal’, on the pattern of Health comes from Old English, of Germanic origin; related to whole.

Whole is an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece.  Whole is related to healthy: all people should be whole in body, mind and spirit.  Whole is also a thing that is complete in itself.

In economics, contemporary economic, wealth is a state where someone has an abundance of valuable possessions and money.  He stockpiles money and material possessions.  He sits there as an island buried in money and material possessions.  It takes huge sums of money and material assets to defend and protect his empire of material and monetary wealth.  All around him lay the shattered lives of his fellow citizens he has ruined by taking money from them without an equal exchange in commodities, trades, goods and services for the money through the Open Market.

The wealthy person attempts to be and island onto himself.  However he can’t seem to be able to be an island, or find the perfect state of an island where he can rest in peace with his wealth.  He is in constant turmoil trying to defend what he has accumulated.  He can’t achieve this state of wholeness that wealth promises.  Accumulating wealth has given him a state of fragmentation.  He is constantly churning and fighting to maintain this wealth.  It pulls him down; he grabs and holds onto money and material possessions.  He becomes the material objects he possesses. He goes into hiding and becomes, to an extent, material objects.

A person can’t prosper well, alone, by himself.  Economics, by its very basic nature, is a group adventure.  Sure an individual can live alone isolated on an island or hiding deep in a forest.  He wouldn’t have a very high standard of living.  Individuals have learned if they work together in groups producing commodities, trades, goods and services and exchanging them with each other, they can achieve a very high level of prosperity.  They have learned by working together they can achieve wholeness.

Man has learned a major part of his prosperity includes his family, organization, society, mankind and environments. When he has himself along with his family, organization, society, mankind and environments in prosperity he has achieved wholeness.  These entities have the apparency of being exterior to, or outside of him.  They are other entities he has as a part of him.  Theses entities are found within him. He must address and work with these entities in order to prosper as a whole individual.  He must make sure his family, organizations, society, mankind and environments are prospering in order for him to prosper and have true wealth.   These other entities are a major part of him.  If he harms these entities he harms himself.  The other entities are his family, organizations, society, his nation, mankind and environments.  All these entities, he is associated with, have forces and energy flows he must help to prosper.  If he harms these entities when he accumulates wealth he is harming himself, also.  He loses his wholeness.

True wealth is created by producing commodities, trades, goods and services.  He must exchange the goods and services on the Open Market.  True wealth is achieved when an individual works to make or help all other individuals, families, organizations, societies, mankind and environments become prosperous.  One is only as prosperous as those individuals, families, organizations, societies, mankind and environments around him are prosperous.

Accumulating wealth by hoarding money and acquiring physical universe possessions at the expense or other individuals, families, organizations, societies, mankind and environments is not true wealth.  This activity breaks down the wholeness of the individual.  True wealth is producing yourself to material and monetary prosperity, while bringing all those around you along with you, by following the axioms or rules of Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics.  This action brings about a healthy wholeness in the individual, family, organizations, society, nation, mankind and environments.  This is a new definition of the word wealth.  This definition is defining wealth in the fullest sense of the word.   Creating wealth is more than an activity an individual does with self, it includes activities an individual does while enhancing the prosperity of  all individuals, organizations, families, societies, nations, mankind and environments.

Producer Rewarded Open Market Economics
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By: R P Obrigewitsch
April 15, 2012

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